Lily chins a photographer - again

Lily Allen's in the headmaster's office again after she was caught on camera right hooking a photographer. The ferocious Smile singer lashed out at the lone snapper after he bumped into the back of her car while chasing her for a photo yesterday.

Lils got a kick in, swung an uppercut, and, when that missed, launched a bottle of water in the pap's direction (a full one mind) before her bodyguards eventually pulled her off. Police are now considering whether to take action after pictures of the alleged assault surfaced in the press (well when you chin a pap...)

Lily's US tour will again be in jeopardy if her visa is revoked following charges. She was barred from entertaining in the country following a similar assault case 2 years ago. If so, this could be a massive blow for the overtalkative media-zilla. Lily recently revealed she'll be selling her £35,000 BMW 320 convertible in order to keep the wolves at bay during the credit crunch. Best keep a lid on that temper....

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