Lily bores her friends

Oh dear. All is not well in Lily Allen land. The singer, who has been having a particularly hard time lately, has received another blow – this time from her fans. Lils has started filming her new chat show and apparently it didn’t exactly go to plan. Over a third of the audience walked out during filming. The crowd made up of the star’s MySpace friends were bored, so made early exits from the filming of the show.

Things weren’t running smoothly as Miss Allen’s jokes fell flat and she found it hard to read off of handwritten cue cards after the autocue broke down. Poor Lily. Though we have to say, it’s hardly surprising. Recently there have been a few hiccups in the chat show formula with what seems a plethora of chat shows not quite working out. We’ve had Davina McCall’s disaster show, Nigella Lawson’s languid talk and Charlotte Church’s mildly amusing chat. Maybe with some clever editing, a rewrite and a working autocue, they’ll be able to buck up Lily’s show. We wouldn’t want her to be lumped in with the other chat show failures. A message to those TV bosses – in case you haven’t noticed, not just anyone can pull off climbing Chat-mandhu.

(IMage: from YouTube)

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