Lily bags a new man

When you've checked into the Heartbreak Hotel the only way to get out is to call in a rebound. Just like when Kate Moss wheeled in rocker replacement Jamie Hince after dastardly Doherty broke her heart, Lily Allen's got herself a new feller.

Smiley Lily has shacked up with Robertson Furze, an old producer friend and Andy Warhol lookalike. Robertson, singer and guitarist for band The Big Pink, was a shoulder for Lily to cry on in the wilderness weeks post Ed split. And he did such a smashing job, the Smile star moved in with him!

The pair have been out and about looking pleased as punch with the new housing arrangement, in fact we haven't seen Lils looking so smiley for a quite a while.

Lily recently checked into rehab to help overcome depression caused by a miscarriage and split from Chemical Bros DJ Ed Simons (who we always thought had a face like a bag of hammers anyway).

Here's hoping the Furze residence will be the last place Lily lays her hat for a while.


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