Lily and the civilian

Lily Allen has found a novel way of keeping her feet on the ground - and it's not wearing concrete slippers: the singer has got herself a civilian boyfriend. Apparently Lils has had it with dating famous folk so has turned to an age old celebrity remedy for keeping it real: going out with a normal person. The normal person in question is called Sam Cooper and he's a painter and decorator from London described by The Sun as having 'no showbiz connections at all.'

Sounds idyllic. Well it would be, but it's not exaaaactly true. News of Lily's affair broke when the pair dined out with Sam's mate Damian Hirst. So when he says painter and decorator, what he actually means is art installations in Hoxton with the odd posh interior on the side.

Next time get a binman Lily...just so long as he's not binman to the stars.

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