Lily Allen v Perez Hilton : nasty online scrap

The online scrap between Lily Allen and self professed web samurai Perez Hilton is getting pretty amusing - so much so that we've decided to waste a few precious moments of our life writing about it.

The story so far. Lily gets shedded and papped a lot and hasn't put out any decent music in a while. Perez is deeply offended by this and thinks she's a train wreck of a Brit who does nothing but flash her tits bits and get canned. He especially hates her pink hair. Perez blogs mean but pretty funny stories about Lily, which have upped in ante since she pitched up in his stomping ground, LA. Lily blogs right back (and in a not entirely unfunny way) about what a meany poo bully Perez is and how he should find something better to do with his life than blog about her. He has nothing better to do.

Kate and Sienna aside, it's the celebrity deathmatch of the century. Round one to Perry, round two to Lils and the fat Perez pic she posted on her MySpace blog. Pretty lifelike. Who'll take the next scalp?

Watch Perez scrapping with paps - vicious.

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