Lily Allen to retire

Lily Allen has told The Sunday Times that in just three years time, at the ripe old age of 25, she wants to retire, move to the country and keep pigs and chickens. The singer says she does not see the point in working hard all your life denying yourself the more important things such as a family.

We know exactly what you mean Lily, but do you? Recording an album and travelling the world for a year performing must have been… well, really hard.

And all that time being a struggling musician, making contacts and desperately trying to get your stuff heard by record executives. Again, really, really hard, like, totally hardness of the hardest nature, yeah? Shame your dad couldn’t have helped out.

Oh, Lily – stop pretending you’ve have had it hard. You wouldn’t know hard if it came up and happy-slapped you. No one cares about your simpering flights of fancy about retiring.

 Just make more decent music and count your millions. And we’ll see you in the jungle in 2012.

(Image: from YouTube)

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