Lily Allen: thrown off Cannes yacht

There's no point going to Cannes if you're not going to take advantage of every free cocktail bar in sight and get yourself thrown out of a couple of parties. And Lily Allen has taken that mantra right to heart.

Lils was thrown off FI schmoozer Flavio Briatore's yacht the other night - after quite literally flinging herself off it first. Lils had a few too many and, when she felt the party was straying into boring old man territory, whipped off her dress and bikini and plopped herself overboard.

She bellyflopped in the water and paddled about for a bit before being fished out by concerned doormen. Once dragged back on deck, a fuming Briatore was waiting with a towel and some dry clothes to give her a ticking down, and she was then escorted off the yacht. Her crime? Being blonde and having too much fun.

Lil has so far, got her lils out in Cannes, got her thingy majig out in Cannes, and had to be carried home by her dad Keith Allen, after drinking so much she couldn't walk - in Cannes. Not bad for a calm week's break in between recording.

Watch Lily's reaction to getting papped with her boobs out.

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