Lily Allen Quits Music (again)

She’s been going on about it for months, at every opportune moment but finally Lily Allen has confirmed she is finally quitting music and has put a date on it.

The public school educated daughter of a millionaire told Sky News that the ‘hang up the headphones’ moment will be on March 7th – the date she will be play her last gig at the O2 in London.

But what next for Little Allen I hear your cry? Well, during the interview she also released info on her rumoured fashion label; ‘I'm helping Wayne (Hemyingway) out with this first of all and then I'm opening up a shop with my sister and a couple of other people and I'm really busy’. And before you think she has the easiest of lives she added; ‘I'm in the office every day, sourcing clothes and getting really excited about my new venture.’

So, a couple a successful big selling albums, a dabble in TV presenting, a sell-out world tour, A Twitter quitting, a Twitter rejoining and now a prime-cut fashonista! Not bad for a 24 year old. Don't you wish your dad was Keith Allen too?

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