Lily Allen pregnancy shock!

Lily Allen has sensationally revealed that she is three months pregnant, news that surprised more or less no one at all. However, it does mean that she will most likely be taking that break from performing she’s been talking about for such a long time, satisfying whatever mad craving it is that will afflict her pregnancy. We’re going for bacon flavoured ice cream.

‘It goes without saying we are both absolutely delighted,’ she said to The Sun, before gushing on about Sam Cooper, the man who got her up the stick. ‘Sam treats me differently. He's told me he'll look after me forever. That's what I've always wanted - someone to look after me. We've never had one argument and there's absolutely nothing about him that annoys me.

‘He's not impressed by what I do. I've been with guys and seen them looking in the mirror before they walk out of the door with me. That makes me feel sick because I know it's not just me they're interested in.’

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