Lily Allen & Lindsay Lohan : BFF set to duet

We all know how it feels to be in an awkward situation with a NBF. You're desperate to please each other, desperate to prove you're the number one mate of the moment. But sometimes the professional and personal just shouldn't mix.

Lily Allen has got herself into a bit of an awkward fix over the pond with new BFF and tabloid Queen Lindsay Lohan. Linds and Lils have got so close recently that Lindsay asked Lily if they can't record a track together for Lily's new album. Forced into a corner Lily could do nothing but say yes - despite the fact that a duet with Lindsay Lohan would be the final nail in her 'credibility' coffin. Critics are already sharpening their knives. Oh dear.

The track will be called 'Wherever You Go'....and if it's anything like Lindsay's previous stabs at music, will likely go straight to the bottom of the HMV bargain bin. Check out Lindsay having a sing song. Ears aren't quite bleeding, but we still wouldn't team up on a karaoke comp with her!

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