Lily Allen expecting a boy

If we’re honest, we’re not quite sure why Lily Allen being pregnant is the hot news that it seems to be right. The newsworthiness of her doing something millions of women have done before appears to be that she announced the bun in her oven on Twitter, the ultimate solipsist’s tool, and that made it easy as pie for blood-sucking scumbags like us to report on it. Ugh, we make ourselves sick.

Anyway, The Sun has now revealed that Lil’s new kid will be a baby boy, which as everyone knows is best. Girls have the lergy, for one thing, and you won’t be worrying about your teenage son coming home with another human being gestating inside him. So how do we know this? Well some person blabbed to the tabloid, so we can of course assume that the story is 100 per cent true. Oh yes.

‘Lily said she found out from a scan she is having a boy,’ they barbled. ‘She is really excited and can't wait to give birth. She is always asking other mums about their pregnancies.’

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