Lily Allen attacks the paparazzi on Twitter

Another day, another Lily Allen rant on Twitter. The 24-year-old singer decided to blow off some steam last night via the popular micro-blogging site launching a foulmouthed attack on the paparazzi claiming they've ruined her chances of going on Safari.

"Safari is something I've always wanted to do. Don't think I'll sleep tonight," Allen wrote. "I already feel guilty about exploiting the animals with my camera, I've got a big long lenz, reminds me of some c***s I know."

The tweets continued: "There is a difference between a modern day celeb and someone who writes and sings songs. I don't wanna be a celeb. [The paparazzi] are not nice people, they try and get a reaction, so they get good pics. I'd be happy if they went away."

Lily went on to claim that she could still be successful singer without the attention of the paps: "My point was, I'm pretty sure that my music is what got people talking, I'm confident I could sustain a singing career without the paparazzis (sic)."

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