Having endured the trials of a prison cell smaller than a walk-in wardrobe, and bonded with the fellow jail birds in her own fashion, you might have thought that the Lohan saga was coming to a calm conclusion. Well, if you thought that, you know nothing of Lindsay. The latest piece of drama is that she's now being ordered to go straight from jail to rehab, with no stops at boutiques or trendy hotspots in between. Naturally, the actress is distraught.

Lindsay's lawyer told The Sun, 'She's a little upset right now. There's a push now for her to go directly to rehab from jail. I think it would only be fair for her to spend some time with her family and that's what she'd like for me to emphasise to the judge.'

While her ex - the interestingly named Wilmer - showed his support in classic Hollywood gushing style, 'This is something very personal that she's dealing with and it's kind of unfair that she has to deal with it so publicly. I just hope that she gets through it and I know that she probably will. She's a very talented girl and I adore her to death. I love her to death. I love her. I love Lindsay very much.'

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