LiLo blows booze ban

Redefining what it means to have an ASBO in the 21st Century, Lindsay Lohan continues to amaze the authorities and Alcoholics Anonymous, by claiming to be off the sauce. That was until her SCRAM bracelet (which measures alcohol in the wearer's sweat) gave the game away at the MTV Movie Awards.

Since LiLo's infamous arrests in 2007 for that celebrity rite of passage, DUI, fans and friends alike assumed she would finally be on the straight and narrow, keen to avoid a prison sentence. But now, an LA judge has issued a warrant for her arrest, claiming she has broken the terms of her parole since that time.

In a series of Twitter rants which have been setting cyber space alight, the tragic starlet bemoans her innocence, claiming that her 'scram wasn't set off. It's physically impossible,' she says. She also claims to be, 'more than in compliance and feeling great', the Sun Online reports. She may be supporting that little known theory about alcohol being absorbed into the body through breath - at least, that's most people's excuse every Friday night.

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