Lightfingered Lohan?

Now Lindsay Lohan has been on the receiving end of lots of criticism in her time: too skinny, likes a drink, does coke, generally badly behaved etc. Well now add being light fingered to the list. (Well actually don't, just add the possibility of having been at a place where someone else was light fingered....)

According to The Sun the Hollywood actress is wanted for questioning over a 250,00 pound diamond theft. The diamond necklace and earrings in question went missing after La Lohan wore them during a photo shoot for Elle Magazine at the Big Sky studio in London. Although noone has yet been arrested, cops are keen to speak to everyone who had access to the gems, including Lindsay.

A source said: “Jewellery is often loaned out for big celebrities to wear on fashion shoots. Police are working out who had them when they went missing. People at Dior are very upset. It’s an embarrassment to the mag.”

Which is all a bit unfortunate. It could have been anyone to have nicked the diamonds, but Lindsay, being famous and all has copped the publicity. Still, no publicity is bad publicity right?

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