Life's a Peach ; Geldof junior gets married in Vegas

Well hooray! Princess 'of increasingly desperate measures to get in the papers because perhaps her sister's getting noticed more', Peaches Geldof has gone and got married. We’re sure it’s true love.

It turns out she wed the love of her life, or at least the last few weeks, in a ceremony in Las Vegas last week. The 19-year-old got hitched to 23-year-old wannabe rockstar, and who also has a degree from Harvard in anthropology, Max Drummey at one of the famous chapels in the so-called city of sin without any family present. Supposedly big, bad, daddy Geldof, Bob was informed shortly before the pair took the plunge.

'Peaches and Max Drummey are delighted to announce their very happy marriage,' said her agent in a statement, who then continued, ‘Their marriage has the full support of their family and friends. Peaches and Max did not want unnecessary publicity, but following growing media speculation, have decided to set out the facts. No further comment from either will be forthcoming.'

But they weren’t really going to say anything else were they?

So, has Geldof, who recently clawed her way into the tabloids with a supposed drugs overdose a few weeks ago, and excused herself from shoplifting by , turned over a new leaf? Will she find it easy to transform into the role of housewife compared to, umm, that thing she does for a living at the moment? Who knows? Let’s wait and see eh?

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