Life Of Brian : 'The Messiah' comes to Aberystwyth

Anyone who doesn't like the Life Of Brian, or at least agree that it is the funniest film of all time, is very sadly lacking. Well turns out the Welsh town of Aberystwyth has been badly lacking for the past 30 years, because ever since it's release in 1979 the film has been banned.

Widely regarded as the best comedy film ever made The Life Of Brian is a hilarious and scathing satire on the absurdity of organised religion. The film is based on the plight of Brian of Nazareth, a simple man who is tragically mistaken for 'The Messiah' after being born in a stable next to 'you know who'. Sue Jones Davies, the new Mayor of Aberystwyth and Life of Brian actress, now wants the Life of Brian ban to be lifted so the people of Aberystwyth can enjoy the classic film without fear of arrest.

Sue Jones Davies played the part of gutsy revolutionary Judith Iscariot, Brian's girlfriend and founding father of the People's Front of Judea, which amongst other classic missives gave the right for men to have babies, even though 'through no fault of their own, they don't have wombs'. After an iconic and gratuitous nude scene between Brian of Nazareth and Judith Iscariot (and various failed opportunities at reprieve, including the now eponymous cacthphrase 'I'm Brian of Nazareth and so is my wife') Brian is left swinging on a cross cheerfully humming the tune 'always look on the bright side of life' while Judith waves 'bye'.

Sue Jones Davies admits that 'we used to be a town with many, many chapels - it used to be a town that took religion very seriously, so I can imagine that, at the time, the town's elders weren't very sympathetic to the themes and messages in it.' (The Guardian) However, she sees no reason why the ban shouldn't now be overturned and the proceeds from screenings given to charity. "It is never, ever not going to be a relevant film about people's prejudices and bigotry" says Jones Davies. Hear hear.

Relive 2 of the funniest scenes of the film - the hermit who hasn't talked for 18 years, and Brian on the cross. It never gets any less funny.

Brian and the 'hermit'
Life of Brian - crucifixion scene

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