License to Ill

He played a spy in his Bond films and a master thief in Entrapment. But now it's just possible Sean Connery will find himself an outlaw for real.

Connery was due to testify in a Spanish court on Friday in a case about alleged money laundering. Connery is accused of not properly documenting his $8million purchase of a villa in Marbella. (Nice problem to have.)

Connery wrote to the court, saying his 'health problems' and 'advanced age' prevented him from making the trip. A 'court insider' told Perez Hilton that the court would probably just send a team to interview Connery at home, but it's just possible he might be in deep doo-doo: 'The emission of an international arrest warrant is a possibility' said the source, albeit 'a remote one'.

Looks like those spy skills might come in handy...

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