Liam's Strictly into nights in

Some rock ‘n’ rollers carry on with their wild lifestyle until way beyond their best, chucking their wiry old limbs into scenes that they shouldn’t be. Take a look at crusty old Lemmy, for instance, or Iggy Pop; those two were going at it for far, far too long.

They should have taken a leaf out of Liam Gallagher’s book. The former Oasis frontman, who is currently working on a record with his new band Beady Eye, has apparently left the boozing and drugging days behind him and exchanged them for nights in watching Strictly Come Dancing. Can’t say we agree with the choice of programme, it has to be said.

‘Liam's wild days are behind him - he likes the TV on a Saturday night,’ said a friend to The Sun. ‘It suits him to stay in with the missus. Sometimes they have pals round, sometimes it's just the family, but they always watch Strictly.’

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