Liam slags off Fergie

Liam Gallagher certainly has a way with words. Not content with slagging off Victoria Beckham, Bono and countless other hapless celebs, the former Oasis star has now turned his wrath towards Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson, calling him 'a dustbin man' and comparing him to deceased Scottish detective Taggart.

The obsessive Man City fan spoke to NME before the Carling Cup between Liam's team and Man U. Comparing Man City's manager Roberto Mancini to the grumpy red faced Scot, Liam said, 'Mancini looks good but then, all Italians are cool. He's certainly cooler than that Taggart from across the road - he's a top manager and all that but he looks like a dustbin man.'

Ah, Liam, please never lose your silver tongued ways...

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