Liam Gallagher goes soft

Is there anything more sickening than a pet owner going all ‘snoogy woogums’ on what was once a feral beast designed for nothing other than killing, eating and doing it doggy style? No there isn’t, it’s putrid.

This is something that Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton have clearly not learned yet. The pair of them called their daschund Ruby up from LA to wish it luck in a Pup Idol (yes, really) beauty contest, and worse than that referred to themselves as ‘mummy and daddy’. No, no, no, NO, it is not a human, you are not its parents, OK?

Anyway, Ruby didn’t win the contest, and in fact lost to a stray, which was no doubt ‘awwwwwed’ at by a load of poncey north London wet lettuces. Meanwhile Melanie Blatt quipped ‘It’s crappy Pup Idol. More like Sh*t Idol!’ Yeah, good one.

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