Li - Lo - Cipriani

The PR goons who work for Kelly Brook and Danny Cipriani should be in for big payouts, come appraisal time. Both C-listers, since their split, have been punching well above their station (okay, so it's a mixed metaphor) when it comes to dating. Our Kellz has been 'spotted' out with Glee star Matthew Morrison, a good few grades above her in the celeb heirarchy. And now Danny, is apparently being lusted after by Lindsey Lohan. Okay, so she's a bit of a mess, but she's still Hollywood.

A chatty friend told The Mirror: 'When she heard he was single and heading out to LA again, she offered to show him around...He headed to The Tea Room in Hollywood after training and met her there. She gave him a hug and was whispering in his ear. They seemed really into each other. Her friends adore him. They think they make a hot couple. Danny isn’t a big drinker so they think he is perfect for her. He was ordering pineapple juice and lemonade, which helped Lindsay as she can’t drink because she has a SCRAM alcohol bracelet on for her drink-driving charge.'

But what's this? 'Danny’s mates aren’t so keen for them to get together. Trouble follows her everywhere and that’s the last thing he needs. He is busy out there working, not partying. But it is a big ego boost for him to know he’s still in the game after Kelly.'

Hmmm, anyone who uses the term 'still in the game' should be banned from the world of dating, we say...

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