Lewis Hamilton going out with Danni Minogue?

A few years back she had a go on Jack Villeneuve, and now Danni Minogue's bagged herself some more Formula One action in the form of Lewis Hamilton.

In a move worthy of entrance into the ligger hall of fame, Minogue announced she would be flying out to Monaco on May 25th to 'watch her good friend' Lewis skid round the racecourse.

"I really started to follow Lewis (in 2006) and I just admired not only his driving but the way he conducted himself. He is an amazing, amazing guy" Danni said. (Daily Telegraph.)

Hamilton's never fared badly with the ladies. In 2006 he was linked to Naomi Campbell - and in 2007 he made off from the European MTV awards in a people carrier with a Pussycat Doll. It didn't last.

Could wee Danni Minogue be the lady to finally snare him? And who would win in a drag race between Hamilton and Kylie - find out below.

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