Lewis Hamilton and the £4million yacht

The final weekend of the London Boat Show came to a close yesterday and of course, there have been a shimmer of stars snapped browsing through the latest models.

One that caught our eye was a certain Mr. Lewis Hamilton, who was spotted taking in the sights of a Sunseeker 90. A drop in the ocean for Lewis at just £4million, the stunning boat comes with its own living room, a bar, three plasma TVs and two double bedrooms.

Apparently he was just browsing - we think the Formula 1 God would look great on the deck, cruising around some of the southern Mediterranean yachting hotspots. Three of our favourites:

1) Capri, Italy. Beautiful scenery and a top spot to park up your yacht.
2) Kefalonia, Greece. Meander around some of Greece's most spectacular islands and stop off at Fiskardo. A lovely little port with some great restaurants.
3) Split, Croatia. Get there before it turns into more of a tourist trap.

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