Let's hug it out

It became the surprise hit of HBO, a show about male bonding which did for men what Sex and The City did for girls (er, glamourous escapism in swanky locations.) But all good things have to come to an end and the curtains have fallen on Entourage after eight series.

It's a sad farewell and one which Adrian Grenier - that's Vinny Chase to us folks at home, has chosen to share with the people. Bucking celebrity trend Vinny has chosen not to say it in 140 words, opting instead for something altogether more wistful over on Facebook.

He writes on his FB page: 'I am sad that Entourage is over, but we had a great run, and it allowed me to connect with you guys. And for all that I'm thankful. I'm going through some big changes and can't quite make sense of such an epic transition. I hope, no matter what I move on to, we can all still be friends.' Eloquent, heartfelt prose. We're not sure he wrote that himself, but his PR people have hit the nail on the head. Can we still all be friends? Yes if the rumoured film version of Entourage hits screens soon, and double yes if it's really good and not just a tired old tug of the cash-cow udder.

Jerry Ferrara, aka Turtle has said of the movie: 'Nothing is done until we're on set shooting, but I know (creator) Doug Ellin is gearing up to the write the script. Once that's done, I know all the guys are in. I don't think it will benefit anybody to wait.' Hear hear. Hollywood - make this happen.

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