Let him entertain you

It’s only January 4th 2010 but it’s already being tipped for celebrity wedding of the decade, well maybe not decade, the year, if not at the very least the day that it's held on. Anyway, Robbie Williams and fiancé Ayda Field are rumoured to be tying the knot sometime in 2010 and showbiz pal Jay-Zed has offered to supply the entertainment for the big day.

According to The Sun, the hip hopper has pledged his services including a live sing song from him and his diva squeeze Beyonce. Nice.

‘The entertainment at my party was all hot and if Robbie wants my help he should come over for dinner and Bey [presumably Beyonce] and I can help him out. She is great at organising parties, she loves it,’ the newspaper quotes Jay-Z. ‘I don't know what Robbie's entertainment plans are but, as a wedding present, I would get up after the speeches and do a little set’.

In the article Jay-Z also suggests the wedding takes place at the Dominican Republic, the same location he celebrated his 40th birthday. Jeez, why not stick him behind the bar too, he's up for anything.

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