Less than peachy

It’s easy to be critical of Peaches Geldof; her fame appears to run inversely proportional to any talent she might have, and well, it’s just not fair that she has a rich dad and has a really good time doing cool things, right? However, despite the undisguised envy, not even she deserves to have nude pictures of her slapped all over the internet by a former conquest who claims they shot heroin together.

The pics (you can find them fairly easily on the net if you’re sleazy enough to want to) were put up by some American bloke called Ben, who claims they met at 2.30am one night last November, took smack together and then got rude and nude together, saying: ‘Things got hot and heavy and before I know it we're naked. We had a naked dance party on her bed. Then we did it every way possible.’

Peaches is apparently livid about the pics, but mostly about the heroin allegations, especially given that her mum Paula Yates died from a heroin overdose ten years ago. Sounds like a nice chap, this Ben, doesn’t he?

‘It's bad enough that someone she trusted has posted private photographs on the internet. But to make all these claims - which are completely untrue - is even worse. Peaches is spitting fury over this. It's a terrible way to treat someone.'

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