Leonardo Di Matrimonio?

What do you do if you're the world's hottest film-star and you're trying to end global warming? Pick up girls in a electric car and go cruising is what we'd do. But what does Leonardo Di Caprio do? He causes so much speculation about his lovelife that 50 trillion gigawatts of electricity is spent every second writing about him. Take his alleged proposal to underwear model Bar Refaeli. It's bigger news than the MPs expenses, Prince Willy's David Gest hair and the Chilcot enquiry rolled into one....

Did he propose, didn't he? We have no idea. But what we can offer is a theory about little Leo: he goes out with model clones in order to distract attention when he dumps them. When he was close to the final hurdle with Gisele he cashed in his chips for another identakit stepford-model. And we're not talking Bar - there was another Russian one in between who was so shortlived she barely made the papers. Does the same fate await Bar, who the Daily Mail kindly points out, has 'fat fingers'?

Leo once said: 'I don't know if I'm ever getting married. I'm probably not going to get married unless I live with somebody for 10 or 20 years.' He's been with Mz Refaeli on and off for four. Pull up a pew at the bar Bar and wait...(boom boom.)

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