Leona seeks lyrical revenge

They say that revenge is a dish best served cold, but how about 'revenge is a dish best served on your third album'? It might not trip off the tongue, but this is Leona Lewis's approach to getting back at her ex boyfriend, Lou Al-Chamaa. The song-bird has penned an angry album, full of vitriol at her first love.

A source close to the singer told The Mirror, 'Leona was with Lou for over ten years and things ended very badly. But what you live through makes you stronger, and Leona’s throwing all her emotion into the music she’s working on. She means business. This album needs to be daring and innovative.'

One of the new songs is apparently a direct attack on Lou, 'You drink more than you used to, fell in love how could you?, Trust your heart like only fools do, hold on let it bleed, You smoked 10 now it’s 20, bet you wish you’d never met me.' Ooh, sounds deep...

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