Leona hits the States

Leona Lewis’s attack on the American charts has begun. The star hopes to make some waves across the pond with her American diva-inspired r‘n’b droning. And she could well do it, especially with top US producers behind her and some new tracks with rapper du jour Akon featuring on the American version of the album.

However, it’s not just the album that has had a bit of a reworking for the American market – but the video for her debut single too. It doesn’t look hugely higher budget, doesn’t really have a new concept – it’s just set in the States (clever that!) with the oh-so authentic yellow taxi and Times Square backdrop.

We just can’t help but think it’s simply more generic pulp pop (and it bears a striking resemblance to Usher and Alicia Keys’ 2004 hit My Boo. Thing is – America doesn’t need another Alicia. 

It seems Leona’s people are playing it VERY safe. We think the old video was fine – better even. And it gave you handy plumbing tips with Miss Lewis draped provocatively over a radiator singing “Keep bleeding, keep bleeding”. Sexy AND informative. What more could you want!? We say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it… Saves on call-out charges.

(Image: from YouTube)

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