Leona has a personality and uses it

Have you ever heard X-Factor winner Leona Lewis be interviewed? No offence Leona but, jeez, get a personality. Aside from her awesome singing, she's rapidly becoming famed for being the most lock-jawed-popstar around. Well, we think she may just have jumped off the fence for a moment and formed an opinion.

Talking to The Daily Telegraph about the X-Factor and whether it was any different when she performed on there 2 years ago, the former champ said; "It's all pantomime, of course. I do feel that when I did it, it was more about the music. Now it's a whole production - so many people on stage, dancing, special effects going off, all that craziness. It's definitely changed emphasis."

In the interview she also almost makes what could be a disparaging comment about Irish twins Jedward - almost; "If people don't like them, they shouldn't vote for them. What are they going to do if they win?"

We'll keep you posted if she comes out with any more...

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