Leona breaks all known records

2006 X Factor winner Leona Lewis has stormed to the top of the charts with her new album Spirit. Leona has set a new record for the fastest-selling debut album in the UK, selling 375,000 copies of the album this week, despite receiving lukewarm reviews. She even beat The Spice Girls’, ah, long-awaited greatest hits album into second spot.

But is it really such a shock that Leona, a reality TV winner has broken a chart record? Don’t they all? Hear'Say’s first single became the fastest selling non-charity single in the UK, broken by Will Young a year later. GirlsAloud became the most successful British girl band ever. So…Leona at number 1 and the Spice girls at number 2. As ever, selling records is about creating a media frenzy, rather than the quality of the music. Maybe Lynne Franks should release an album…Anyway, in case you needed a reminder, here's why you're loving her, doing Whitney's I will Always Love You:

(Image: from Ramone's karaoke flickr stream)

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