Leona attacker was X Factor reject

The man who waited in line at Leona Lewis’ book signing only to punch her in the face when he got to the table was an X-factor reject jealous of the Hackney girl’s success.

Peter Kowalcyzk, 29, of Southwark in south London was turned down by the ITV talent show, and was envious of Lewis winning the show and becoming a huge worldwide star, with millions of quid in the bank and her face all over the media.

He was immediately taken away to a psychiatric hospital and sectioned under the Mental Health act. His parents admitted that he was ‘very sick’ and needed full-time care because of anaemia, which affects his state of mind.

‘He wants to be a singer,’ explained his dad Tomasz. ‘He went along and queued at X Factor. How far he got with it? Nowhere.’

The attack has said to have seriously shaken Lewis, to the point where she is now scared of making any sort of public appearance without beefed-up security.

‘She is petrified it could happen again. They could have a knife or acid next time. She never really had personal security because she never dreamed anything like this would happen.

‘Now she wants a 24-hour security team with plain-clothed guards hidden in the crowd when she goes shopping or out with friends.’

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