Lee Ryan lets rip

It must be slim pickings over in the Ryan household at the moment - how else to explain Lee's diva strop over a measly £350 meet and greet fee? Actually, there's also the film he's currently promoting, coincidentally a gangster film. Did the one time boyband hunk have trouble getting out of character?

According to The Sun, Lee turned up an hour and half late for the meet and greet only to flip his lid when he was paid £180 instead of the full amount. The naughty chap even threatened to rip someone's throat out. Charming. A source tells The Sun:

'Ryan expected his full fee and lost it when he didn't get it. He yelled, 'I'm not f****** green, I've been in this game ten years. I'll rip your f****** face off, I'm from South London.' (Surely it should be Sarf Landan....)

Another source picked some more meat off the carcass: 'He was acting like someone out of his film, but it didn't wash. It was hilarious.The management had him thrown out.'

Oh dear. Still, it's not all doom and gloom; Lee's got a single coming out called Secret Love. Ok, so it is all doom and gloom.

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