'Leave my son alone'

Hell has no fury like a mother scorned, or perhaps a mother with a son scorned. Dougie Poynter's mum has reacted with anger towards Frankie out of The Saturdays, after Dougie ended up in rehab following his break-up with Frankie. The Saturday's singer has received death threats (a little melodramatic) after quickly moving on to a relationship with Wayne Bridge, leaving poor Dougie heartbroken.

Dougie's mum, Mrs Poynter told The Daily Mail, 'If she doesn't want to be with him, that's her choice: I can't chastise her. She texted me saying: 'Sorry about me and Dougie' and I didn't reply. The whole family were wary of her because she's done it (dumped him) before. It's like a kick in the teeth, it's devastating. It's horrible. It's just in your face all the time and that's what he's got to learn to deal with.

Her final message to Frankie was a fairly Poynted (sorry) one, 'Leave my son alone. I don't care what she does or who she does it with, just let Dougie get on with his life. I think he's been advised in rehab that he doesn't have to be rude, but he doesn't have to be her friend.'

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