Leave my Alex alone

It’s never nice for a mother to watch their darling baby boy be treated badly by a cold-hearted woman, especially when they’ve invested a whole lot of precious time and spent a whole lot of money to do it, do it, do it, right. So it’s no surprise that Alex Reid’s mum has come wading in to defend her son from the wicked ways of evil temptress Jordan, who must now be competing with Rose West to be Britain’s most hated woman ever.

The calculating publicity machine chucked her cage-fighting lover only a few hours after she quit I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!, leaving him stuck in Oz with nothing but plans to propose and a broken heart. She meanwhile, will be staying Down Under for another two weeks to film reality show What Katie Did Next, rubbishing her own claims that she wanted to go home to see her kids. It’s all just so wrong, wrong, wrong, and Carol Reid has had enough of her boy being made to look a mug.

‘I watched the TV and it seemed very cruel the way she spoke about Alex,’ she said. ‘He really loved her and gave up a lot for her, and this is how he gets treated by her.

‘I can't get through to him at the moment. All I know is that he is in Australia and his phone is off. He must be upset. I'm worried for him.’ Yeah, that's told her.

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