Leave her alone

So Michelle went on a Spanish holiday. She stayed in a top class hotel in Marbella and her entourage was M-assive (depending on which reports you believe. They ate gazpacho (gasp) and glugged averagely priced Spanish plonk (the horror!) and back home she's provoked the bile of many an outraged blogger. Which leads us to wonder.....why?

Gossip pages are littered with rich celebs enjoying endless holidays at god knows whose expense. Michelle Obama on the other hand, paid for her holiday herself. Granted, the security team costs a bob or two, but don't all Presidential 'people' get trailed by men in earpieces whether they like it or not?

In fact if we were Michelle Obama we'd want our money back. She wanted mojitos and some Spanish downtime. She got media scrutiny and stuffy meals with some European Royals. This is a busman's holiday and make no mistake....

Michelle, we still love you. (Obviously she'll be ecstatic to hear that.)

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