Laurie set for Robocop role

Hugh Laurie has been at something of a loose end since filming the final episode of the medical drama House. After(spoiler alert!) riding off into the American sunset on a big fat motorbike, the British actor has been at liberty to consider his next move.

Confounding all those fans who are willing him to join an all-star cast for Blackadder: The Movie (a project which has little or no possibility of ever existing) Laurie looks likely to be the latest in an endless line of British character actors playing a ruthless baddie in a blockbuster, in this case the RoboCop remake.

Hollywood Reporter reports (from Hollywood) that Laurie is in advanced negotiations to play the evil and ultra-rich CEO of Omnicorp, the company that makes RoboCop. Presumably it’s a part that requires rather more venality and ruthlessness than he brought to the role of the Prince Regent in Blackadder III.

The remake is directed by Brazilian action specialist Jose Padilha, with a cast that includes Samuel L Jackson, Gary Oldman and Joel Kinnaman, who plays RoboCop. Padilha has said that he wants the new film to tackle themes of social and political comment, which may attract Laurie, who now finds himself needing to cast off the role of House.

The sociopathic diagnostician made Laurie a household name in the States, and the series enjoyed huge worldwide popularity. Although the series ending left the possibility of the show returning at some point in the future, Laurie may now have a lucrative career ahead of him playing criminal masterminds in Hollywood blockbusters.

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