Late night massacre

If you follow the late night TV shows that are popular with American TV viewers, you might have noticed that a multi, multi, multi-million dollar row has erupted at NBC, with Conan O’Brien kicking up a massive stink at not being able to host The Tonight Show, the legendary NBC programme that was made by Johnny Carson. It’s kind of a complicated story, but it basically hinges on Jay Leno not wanting his place being taken, and executives at NBC cowering under their tables with fear at the money this thing is going to cost them.

The big thing about this is that we get to see presenters taking their gloves off and slating the bigwigs at a major international TV studio, which is always funny. Anyway here’s David Letterman, another titan of late-night television, giving us a nice handy summary of events.

And here is the man himself being reported on, giving his employers both barrels. Just imagine yourself in that position, hammering your paymasters to within an inch of their lives. Beautiful stuff.

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