Last of the Wossy whine

So, who will be the last ever guests to be patronised/offended/chatted up [or all of the above] when Wossy's talk-about-myself-show wraps in a couple of weeks? Will it be bezzy mate Russell Brand on the infamous sofa? Will it be Gwynny ‘I’d have sex with you’ Paltrow? Nope, it’ll be David Beckham, Jackie Chan and Roxy Music.

The final show airs on Friday 16th July and today the Beeb has confirmed its stellar line up for the not-so-fond fair well. Although Jackie Chan is the token ‘big’ American movie star, David Beckham is undoubtedly the one us Brits will want to hear string together some words and attempt to form a sentence. And more importantly WHY THE HECK DIDN’T ENGLAND WIN THE WORLD CUP?

Wossy‘s exclusive BBC contract expires in mid-July, and will see the mega mouth leave the corporation after 13 years of successfully hosting a TV chat show, a Radio 2 show and a BBC1 film programme. His Radio 2 slot will be taken over by Graham Norton and his film programme by Claudia Winkleman. It's not known if there will be a new chat show host.

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