Last night a Tweedy saved my life

You may have clicked on this link hoping for a fluffy tale of showbiz nonsense to get you through the darkest recesses of a dull Monday morning. Well let us warn you; this story contains glue-sniffing, heroin and plucky Geordies. Cheryl Tweedy may be a common-garden celeb, but she has also like, y'know saved peoples lives. Cheryl's best friend from school, Katherine, was addicted to heroin for over ten years, and only eventually managed to quit thanks to Tweedy's intervention.

Katherine told The Mirror, 'Cheryl would cry and beg me to stop using heroin. Cheryl would say, ‘You’re too good for this. You’re from a good family, you have a little boy. Please, please stop’. Lots of our friends fell into the druggie lifestyle and Cheryl’s brother got badly into glue-sniffing and crime. But Cheryl never touched drugs. Cheryl begged and begged me to get help. When that didn’t work she told my mum what was going on.'

'Cheryl might not realise this – but telling my mum was the best thing she could have done. I never thanked her for it at the time, but I couldn’t have stayed clean for as long as I have without the support of my family, and Cheryl was the one who helped me get that.'

She truly is our Mother Teresa - if MT dressed in Herve Leger, and sported designer hair extensions.

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