Last chance saloon

Yesterday we revealed that the release of Amy Winehouse’s new album, which is finished and ready for the shops, was being delayed until she finished her latest stint in rehab. Now we know what she’s being told while she’s in there – quit the sauce or you will die.

Winehouse, who picked up the unfortunate soubriquet ‘Wino’ during the height of her fame, has been given the ultimatum in an attempt to make her realise just how serious her problems with alcohol are. Luckily her dad Mitch and current fella Reg Traviss were there to hammer home the point.

‘It's the last chance saloon for Amy,’ said a source to the Sun. ‘Doctors have come down hard on her because of the severity of her situation. It's a harsh reality but she had to hear it.

‘They are worried about her. Mitch has been down this road before during Amy's drug addiction. But she is there of her own accord this time and wants to sort herself out.’

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