Lana ready for the big screen

Lana Del Rey could be perfect for a movie career, producer Harvey Weinstein has suggested. The singer could soon be featuring in a new film project from the Hollywood player.

In a scene that could have come from the sort of 50s romantic drama that Del Rey pastiches regularly in her videos, the producer approached her in Cannes and told the starlet that he could make her big in movies. According to The Sun, Weinstein was overheard telling Del Rey, "The camera loves you."

A source elaborated: "Harvey thinks there’s something about Lana. He knows all about her music but believes she’s got what it takes to be a film star. She’s got the looks and a stage presence which he thinks will transfer well to the big screen."

Deluded sorts who believe that pop music requires a degree of authenticity have already criticised Lana De Rey for being "constructed". The singer, whose real name is Lizzie Grant, has created a powerful persona in Lana, with the help of music industry publicists, and it’s hardly surprising if the results have a cinematic appeal.

She has used classic Hollywood images and themes in her online videos, which were a major factor in her success. She directed and edited her own promo for Video Games, so has a firm grasp of cinematic techniques.

Del Rey has been very astute in her career choices so far, and will be keen to avoid the mistakes made by other singers when they have attempted a screen career. We’re looking at you here, Madonna.

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