Lamps and Bleakley's LA engagement

After 18 months of exotic holidays and paparazzi shots of the couple shopping, Lampard and Bleakley have got engaged. Brace yourselves for a year of OK! wedding build-up and wedding dress talk. The footballer proposed to his telly presenter girlfriend while on holiday in LA, and Christine called Adrian live on Daybreak to give the gossip.

Christine told her Daybreak chum Chiles, 'He pulled the ring out and said 'Will you marry me?' I’m so giggly - we kind of feel l like we’re on cloud nine, in our own little bubble and it feels a bit surreal.'

And on she burbled, 'I’m shocked and surprised, but we’re ecstatic...He phoned my parents and spoke to my mum and dad beforehand. My whole family are over the moon. He had it all organised but because I’m a nosey cow he thought I’d find the ring in the suitcase. So one of his friends who works out here flew out with the ring in advance. It was like a military operation, he’d organised it three months in advance!'

But when Adrian moaned that the Daybreak set would turn into a Bridezilla fest, Christine gave words of comfort saying,'I can assure everybody it won’t be any time soon. We’re just going to enjoy this period.'

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