'Lady Madonna, children at your feet...'

Looking slightly less cutting-edge fashionista and more doting mother, our (Lady) Madonna took time out from shooting her latest film venture, 'W.E.', to show the children (at her feet) some tender affection, the Metro Online reveals.

The film, which the singer is directing, charts the romance between King Edward VIII and divorcee Wallis Simpson in the thirties which resulted in the future King's abdication from the throne.

Present on set were Madonna's daughter Lourdes from her brief relationship with Carlos Leon and her two adopted children, Mercy James and David Banda. Madonna, who wore 'granny-chic glasses, a leather jacket and cream hat,' took five and landed kisses on all of them in a genuine display of maternal affection. Awwwww.

Madonna and Lourdes recently launched the Material Girl clothing line in the States, which reproduces the style once worn by the popstar mom during the eighties when she was embarking on her now multi-million pound career.

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