Lady Gaga, not promiscuous unless.....

If you thought that Lady Gaga enjoyed making the world think she's a sex pixie on heat, then you've probably gone and got the wrong end of the disco stick. Gaga has just given an interview to an Australian website in which she claims that she is in fact not promiscuous at all.

"I'm not looking for anyone. I'm very happy with my solitude. I meet lovely people, but I'm not a promiscuous girl. I'm a free spirit, but I make love to my music every day. I'm just not focused on having a boyfriend, I think it distracts me."

In typical Gaga style, the poptartlet then described her perfect man as 'having a big dick' and not a lot else. Despite her previous claims about abstinence, she also mentions that she's "really enjoying travelling the world, sleeping with really good-looking people."

Have a listen to the interview here.

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