Lady Gaga invites Conchita Wurst to open her European tour

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Conchita Wurst is definitely riding on the crest of a big wave at the moment. The "Bearded Lady", aka Tom Neuwirth, has been officially invited by Lady Gaga to support her on her world tour.

The tour, named artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball, started in the States on May 4th and Gaga has already rocked stadiums in Florida, New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Detroit and Pittsburgh. Wurst will open the European leg of the tour which kicks off on September 16th in Istanbul and will run until November 24th with a final show in Paris.

Wurst took to Twitter to share her delight tweeting "OMG!!! Today officially signed a contract with Lady Gaga that I will act as the opening act on the tour ‘artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball’! I hope to be cool! I’m happy!”.

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Wurst enjoyed a wonderful Eurovision 2014 campaign but in Russia the reaction was not a positive one with men shaving off their beards on social media in protest at Austria's win. However, other than Russia, the reaction has been pretty positive and Lady Gaga herself sent her congratulationson the Eurovision win.

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