Lady Gaga explains poker face

The first single from Lady Gaga to storm to the top of the charts was fairly simplisitc in its message; Just Dance. Does what it says on the tin, no linguistic analyis needed for that. Same goes for Poker Face; it's the deadpan expression people pull when they're trying to bluff in a cards game but still look like they're winning. No hidden message there you'd think.

Well as it happens the princess of pop-art was musing over a whole other meaning when she penned the deep and meaningfuls to her last chart smash hit. You see Poker Face is actually the impenterable expression Gaga pulls when she's out with a guy but is secretly fantasizing about a girl. (Obviously.) A bit like a bisexual Zoolander magnum stare, only more intense.

Have a listen to Gaga talking about her lyrics, her meteoric rise to fame and her attitude to being quite amazingly fabulous. Does she have her poker face on?

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