Ladette to Lady

A new series of Ladette to Lady is coming to our screens and this series is rumoured to be the worst yet. Oh dear…

The show features such lovelies as self-confessed nymphomaniac Kelly Simpson, who got a job as a bouncer when bouncers saw her in a brawl and were very impressed by her fighting skillz. (Yes, we felt we needed to spell that with a ‘z’.)

So what does the show have in store for us, if we tune in tomorrow at 9pm to ITV? Scantily clad , foul-mouthed young ladies gyrating around glassing each other with their finished pints probably.

But don’t we just love that kind of thing? With shows such as Ibiza Uncovered, Sex with Mum and Dad and Ladette to Lady, it seems we really love nothing more than to sit and cringe at the state of the youth of today. So, all together now – ‘In my day…’

(Image: from ckirkman’s flickr stream)

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