La Lohan lags behind on community service

Lindsay Lohan, aka the enfant terrible of movie stardom, has had more than a few well publicised brushes with the law. Well the most recent – something to do with stealing jewellery - saw her slapped with 360 hours of community service. 260 of those aren’t so hard: she has to put in an appearance at a women’s centre in Downtown Los Angeles, but 100 of those are in a morgue and it seems that Lindsay isn’t so keen to pull on her overalls and start stirring the embalming fluid. A source tells Perez Hilton:

‘Lindsay has completed about 60 hours at the Downtown Women's Center. Lindsay hasn't done any time at the morgue. Lindsay has completed her shoplifters awareness class but is falling behind on her other commitments. Lindsay's team is telling her she needs to log significant time to show the judge that she is working towards completing her hours, but she is ignoring them.'

'The judge has told Lindsay in the past that she will not accept any excuses whatsoever for her failure to complete her community service, period. If Lindsay was smart, she would work to get those hours done. Lindsay's rationale is that she has a year to complete the service, so she isn't concerned about it right now.’

It's not a bad rationale – if you’re given a year, why not take it. But there’s another reason Lindsay's not jumping off the sofa to get it done: the star doesn’t want her community service to get in the way of her earning money. Making movies involves time and time isn’t something she has much of. That said, she’ll have a lot of it if she get sent back to jail. Time for Lindsay to pull her pretty little finger out?

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